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Zoku Ice Ball Manhattan

Serves 2

4 ounces Maker’s Mark®
1 ounce Lillet Rouge
2-4 dashes bitters
maraschino cherries

Pour Maker’s Mark®, Lillet Rouge, and bitters into a beverage shaker and stir to combine. Pour over each Zoku Ice Ball in the cocktail glasses and garnish with maraschino cherries.

The Zoku Ice Ball lets you enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor! It’s simple to remove and melts at a slow, even rate in your glass. The Ice Ball—Set of 2 is available for purchase here.

Posted 9 months ago

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Halloween Lollipops



You can use the Mini Pop Molds to make your very own hard candy pops! Use your own stovetop lollipop recipe, pour the mixture into the mini pop mold, and place the sticks. Let the mixture cool completely, then keep the candy pops out for everyone to share!

The Zoku Mini Pop Mold is great for families, parties, or as an addition to the other Zoku Slow-Pop™ family shapes! The Mini Pop Mold is available for purchase here. 

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My Pops Aren’t Freezing… Help!

The Quick Pop™ Maker is very easy to use, however on occasion you may experience trouble getting a pop to freeze. Below is a list of possible causes for uncooperative pops. Take a peek to try and decipher what’s going wrong.

It could be your equipment if…

  • Your freezer is not cold enough. Make sure your freezer is 0°F.
  • Your freezer is too packed with stuff. The Quick Pop™ Maker may not be able to freeze fully if there is not enough airflow in your freezer. Try giving it a little breathing room, freeze for 24 more hours and try again.

It could be your ingredients if…

  • The liquid you’re making pops with contains alcohol or if it’s too high in fat, oil or sugar.
  • The liquid you’re making pops with is too soft or has too many solids. For example, if you made a chocolate pop from cocoa and used too high of a cocoa to water ratio, your pop may not freeze. Next time, use a little more water and try again.

It could be your technique if…

  • You didn’t let The Quick Pop™ Maker freeze for 24 hours. Be patient - it’s worth the wait, we promise!
  • The liquid you’re making pops with is too warm. Let it cool before adding it to The Quick Pop™ Maker molds.
  • You’re trying to remove the pops before they’re fully frozen. A good way to tell if your pop is frozen is by testing it with a toothpick. If it doesn’t feel solid at the base of the stick, it’s probably not ready yet. 

If you’ve read through the above list and still can’t figure out the problem, you can contact us with questions here.

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How To Make Really Neat Striped Pops

To ensure neat stripes when pouring, lean your pour cup right on the rim of The Quick Pop™ Maker. The steady balance will yield a clean, dripless pour. Wait for the layer to freeze completely before adding the next layer and do not move The Quick Pop™ Maker while layers are freezing.

Your stripes are going to be so nice, they’ll make zebras jealous! 

Striped Quick Pops

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How To Make a Soda Pop… Pop

Mmm, soda pops. They’re just what the doctor ordered - Dr. Pepper, that is! Here are some tips to ensure success when making a pop with your favorite soda:

Let the soda go flat before adding it to The Quick Pop™ Maker. This will eliminate pockets of air (bubbles) from your pops, resulting in a smoother texture and better taste. If the soda is not flat, the molds may overflow past the fill line and prevent the pops from coming out of the molds.

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